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Theseus never killed the Minotaur. He found common cause with Asterion, until he didn't anymore. A tale of diaspora, gender, and survival.

"Theseus" is a surrealist narrative game about helping a messy Athenian prince break up with his Minotaur love of five years. Navigate a physical labyrinth of all his internalized self-doubt in this narrative adventure! Playtime is around the length of a movie, and is meant to be consumed in a single sitting.

CW: Mentions of partner violence
Troubleshooting: The game works, it just takes a couple of minutes to load past the start screen. I highly recommend tabbing out to do something else while you wait.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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lovely. Recommended for anyone whose break-up has felt labyrinthine. 

this art styles quite quirky, its like sonic 06 meets gmod (in a lovely way)

A short, heartfelt experience. I love how it grounds a modern tale of codependency into a myth we're all  familiar with. The surreal presentation with isolated assets definitely adds to that, evoking the intimacy and familiarity of everyday life, tying Theseus' experience to our own through time.